A roadway unevenness measurement system for registering parameters such as longitudinal evenness during acceptance of road construction measures


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Measurement system

Features of the ARGUS®-PROFI (Profilometer):

  • Detection of highway irregularities using high-precision laser sensors
  • Additional electronic measurement of highway inclination
  • Precise recording of distances through electronic scanning of path markers
  • Recording of ambient and highway temperatures as evaluation parameters
  • Modular design with centrally protected measurement electronics
  • Recording of all measured data by means of digital signal processors
  • Power supply via autonomous sources or via standardized trailer couplings
  • Clearly arranged control panel with indication of system status and charge level
  • Use of measurement software with online display via standard or industrial laptops
  • Structured, standardized user interface for data measurement

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Measurement of road conditions by customers, e.g. during acceptance procedures forming part of construction projects.

Surveyed parameters

Longitudinal evenness - TP1a

International Roughness Indicator (IRI)

Notes par band d'ondes (NBO)