Our in-depth know-how and many years of experience in the construction of fast-moving measurement systems for condition monitoring also enable us to design and manufacture measurement systems on behalf of customers. The range extends from the delivery of individual sub-systems to ready-to-operate vehicles approved by the German Federal Highway Research Institute.

Our high degree of standardisation and vertical range of manufacture enables us to process orders effectively and yet in a customer-specific manner.

Most of the application software used on the vehicles is developed in-house, which guarantees a high degree of flexibility and tried-and-tested reliability.

The resources of the hardware systems engineering department enable us to design and implement application-specific solutions (circuit board layout, firmware development, etc.). If necessary, components are purchased exclusively from renowned manufacturers. Contract work such as tank and vehicle construction is awarded only to companies known to us and experienced in the respective field.

Since every project has different requirements, an intensive exchange with the respective customer is necessary prior to submitting an offer. Please contact us, we look forward to your enquiry.